Our company started as a special manufacturer of reflective materials in 1992.

At first, reflective materials were mainly used for signboards and construction goods that were neither familiar nor general in use.

We have devoted ourselves to product planning and development so that reflective materials can be used for daily goods which can add comfort with a "natural style."

It is our great pleasure that reflective materials have been widely spread and used by many people in various fields such as "Road safety," "Region safety," and "Industrial safety."

We believe that our growing success as a specialized manufacturer in this field and our ability to establish high commodity, industry-leading technology are results of the support and cooperation from many of you, including our steady customers.

As a pioneer of reflective materials, we’ll continue to work hard in further technology research and development with a spirit of “The original intention should not be forgotten” and try to build up new products and usages which meet the needs of high additional value and positively seek new markets.

We expect reflective material fields to prosper and we will be highly grateful for being able to contribute to the public good through reflective materials.

We sincerely ask all of you, including our steady customers, for guidance and encouragement.

Mamoru Miyoshi

Chairman and Representative Director


Name Three Like Co., Ltd.

[Head Office]

47 Dashiyama-cho, Ryugasaki, Ibaraki 301-0839

TEL 0297-60-7110/FAX 0297-60-7112

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[Tokyo branch]Access

Threelike building 3-7-3 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016

TEL 03-5812-6960(代)/FAX 03-5812-6961

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[Distribution Center]

7-28-2 Ryugasaki, Ibaraki 301-0855

[Our own factory]

Ningbo Ping Wei Co., LTD

#888, Ji Bei Da Dao Road, Ji Shi Gang Zhen, Ningbo CHINA

[Related companies]

Sanei industrials Co., Ltd.
(the third floor in Three Like head office building)
TEL 0297-63-7480/FAX 0297-63-7482
Ningbo Three Like Trading Company
No. 61, Weisan Rd, Xiaogang Beilun, Ninbgo, China


Mamoru Miyoshi,Chairman and Representative Director

Establishment September 8, 1992
Capital ¥30,000,000
Main business

Manufacturing and selling reflective safety articles

Developing and selling micro prism light diffusion film

Manufacturing and selling traffic, crime prevention,

disaster prevention, and fire fighting articles,

Dealing bank

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Ueno branch

Joyo Bank Ryugasaki branch

Mito credit unions


September, 1992Established “Three Like Ltd. and Company” at 3-17-25 Hiroo, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

September, 1993Began the import sales of the micro-prism reflective materials.

December, 1993Concluded The Japan monopoly selling agreement of the glass made bead reflection fabric product by Finland Finnahha company.

January, 1994Began sales of the reflective traffic safety articles.

August, 1994The headquarters was moved to 2-10-11 Motoasakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo Taito Ward for enhancing the business.

September, 1994Became a dealer of the reflective materials made of United States STIMSO NITE Co. (present AVERY DENNISON Co.)

January, 1999The headquarters was moved to 7-26-9 Fujigaoka, Ryugasaki City, Ibaraki for enhancing the business.

October, 2001Business tie-up with China Ningbo Three Like Company.

October, 2003Exhibited to "A+A International Trade Fair" (The venue: Germany Dusseldorf).

November, 2003Exhibited to "Tokyo international fire fighting disaster prevention exhibition" (The venue: Tokyo Big Sight).

May, 2004Established the offices in Shanghai City and Ningbo City in China.


Traffic safety
security business


Amusement &
Light sign media business


Health Care Business