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We have a corporate philosophy of "creating tomorrow's safety and security" which has not changed since our founding.

It means providing safety and security to customers and enriching society through products and services.

In Japan, where violent incidents often occur frequently and safety myths are collapsing,

it is our raison d'etre and "value" to constantly "create and challenge (realize)" new forms of safety and security.

Three Like has seriously faced both customer and social issues that change with the times.

We have carved a history of 30 years by finding solutions one by one.

This attitude will not change in the future.

We will do our utmost to provide value that contributes to the realization of social safety and security.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Susumu Miyoshi

CEO / President



[Head Office]

Three like Building, 47 Dashiyama, Ryugasaki-shi, Ibaraki 301-0839 JAPAN

TEL +81-297-60-7110/FAX +81-297-60-7112

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[Tokyo Office]Access

Three Like Building, 3-7-3, Taitoh, Taitoh-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 JAPAN

TEL +81-3-5812-6960/FAX +81-3-5812-6961

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[Toukai Office]

16-29, Kotobukimachi, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 422-8055 JAPAN

TEL +81-54-269-5112/ FAX +81-54-269-5113

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[Osaka Office]

6F KMK Advance Building, 3282, Fukaisawamachi, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 599-8236 JAPAN

TEL +81-72-281-5333/ FAX +81-72-281-5332

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[Tsukuba Technical Service Center]

Kamiyokoba, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture 1959 JAPAN

[Ibaraki Logistic Center]

173-2, Midorimachi, Ryugasaki-shi, Ibaraki 301-0839 JAPAN


Ningbo Three Like Trading Co.,Ltd.


Three Like Building, 47, Dashiyama, Ryugasaki-shi, Ibaraki JAPAN
TEL: +81-297-63-7480 ,+81-3-5812-9531(TOKYO OFFICE)


PresidentSusumu Miyoshi

Established September 1992
Capital Stock JPY 30,000,000
Net Sales Consolidated JPY6,500,000,000 (as of August 2021)
Employees Consolidated; 50

Production and Sales of LUXION® and SHINEON®

Production and Sales of special equipments for Security and Police and Fire Protection

Production and Sales of High Visibility Safety Wear (Conformed with EN/ISO20471、EN1150)

Production and Sales of Reflective gears for vihicles (Conformed with ECE R70-01, ECE104)

Production of Reflective Safety Gear (Conformed with EN13356)

Production and Sales of Traffic Safety, Security and Fire Protection gear

Production and Sales of Agricultural/Horticultural material

Our Banks

Tsukuba Bank

Mito Shinkin Bank

Joyo Bank

Mitsui Sumitomo Bank


Mitsuaki Nakakubo

Certified Public Tax Accountant

Naoki Kamiyama

Labor and Social Security Attorney

Nobutada Funabashi


The Japan Crime Prevention Association

Japan Retro Reflective Promotion Association (JRPA)

Japan Protective Clothing Association

Ryugasaki Chamber of Commerce

Japan Auto-Body Industries association Inc.

Nippon Uniform Center

Japan High Visibility Safety Clothing Laboratory

The Green Purchasing Network(GPN)

Japan Physically Handicapped Persons Association

Main Clients

Official Authorities nationwide (Police, Fire Station and Self Defence Force etc.)

Interim Japan Corp.

Kitamura Industry Co.,Ltd.

Kubota Eight Corporation

Sendaimeiban K.K.

Toyo Safety Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Trantechs Corporation

Toho Sangyou Co.,Ltd.

Nissan Trading Co.,Ltd.

Bridgestone Cycle Co.,Ltd.

Porta Industry Co.,Ltd.

Marubeni Corporation

Mizuno Corporation

Mitsugiron K.K.

Midori Anzen Co.,Ltd.

Mitsui & Co.,Ltd.

Yamato Co.,Ltd.

Yamada Gosei Co.,Ltd.

Trusco Nakayama Corporation

Fujiwara Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

and many others.

( As in August 2018 )

Corporate History

November 1991Mamoru Miyoshi made a business contract undertaking the project for Reflexsite Japan Co.,Ltd. Setting up.
               (a subsidiary from Reflexite Corporation, Connecticut U.S.)
               ( This company was established on November 16, 2016. Three Like's foundation was meant by this great effort. )

September 1992Three Like & Co. was established at Shibuya Tokyo.

March 1993Business contract with Reflexite Corporation US expired.

September 1993Three Like started trading business with Reflective material made of Micro-Prism.

December 1993Three Like concluded Exclusive Sales Agent Agreement for Glass Beads material products made by Finn-nauha Corp.

January 1994Started reflective safety gear for traffic safety.

August 1994Moved Headquarters at Tokyo central area due to rapid business expansion.

September 1994Three Like became official distributor from STIMSO NITE U.S. (current AVERY DENNISON) for reflective material.

January 1998Licensed for the sale of 'IllumiNITE', special reflective material manufactured by Reflective Technology U.S.

January 1999Moved Headquarters to Fujigaoka, Ryugasaki due to further business expansion.

October 2001Made a business alliance with Binbo Three Like Co. China for strategic pourpose.

July 2001Licensed to sell special product called Eco Ray made by Idemitsu Unitech.

October 2003Participated in A+A International Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany.

November 2003Participated in Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Site.

May 2004Opened the representative office in Ninbo Shanghai China.

September 2004Opened Tokyo branch office at Higashi-Ueno Tokyo for further business growth.

October 2005Improved Legal Personality to larger one, so the current Three Like was established.

October 2005First exhibited in Risk Control in Tokyo ( Tokyo Big Site )

May 2006New company building for headquartyers was completed ( current headquarters building )

September 2006Moved Tokyo branch office to new place in Taito Tokyo just to reinforce business capacity.

September 2006First Exhibited in Saitama Security and Traffic Safety Fair.

April 2007Exhibited in Convertech Japan. ( Tokyo Big Site )

May 2007Exhibited in Crime and Disaster Prevention Osaka.

October 2007First exhibited in International Premium Incentive Show Autumn 2007. ( Tokyo Big Site )

November 2007Completed China Factory and affiliated company in China was established.

November 2007First exhibited in High Way Techno Fair 2007 ( Tokyo Big Site )

July 2008Moved Tokyo Branch office for larger building in space called MotoAsakusa U-Building.

September 2009First exhibited in Sign and Display Show 2009 ( Tokyo Big Site )

October 2009Ninbo Three Like, Trading Company was established.

November 2009First exhibited in the Global Gaming Expo. 2009 ( Convention Center Las Vegas U.S. )

November 2009Increased capital to JPY 30 million.

June 2010Three like was awarded the excellent quality taxsation company award by local tax office.

June 2010First exhibited in SIGN EXPO 2010.

July 2010New Tokyo branch building was completed. ( current Tokyo brunch building )

July 2011First exhibited in Convertech China 2011.

October 2011Launtched new item, High Visi at Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association Fair, participated for the first time.

March 2012First exhibited in Japan Shop 2012, where Cosmetic display stand using Shineon® was newly disclosed.

May 2012First exhibited in Global Gaming Expo.Asia. (G2E ASIA) 2012.

June 2012First exhibited in the First IFCAA Sapporo.

January 2013First exhibited in The First Design Lighting Tokyo 2013.

September 2013Toukai bruntch office opened.

October 2013Exhibited in Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2013.

October 2013Exhibited in International Tool Japan.

November 2013Ibaraki Logistic Center was completed.

July 2014Brand New Compression Molding Machine was \equipped at factory in the headquarters.

September 2015Opened Osaka branch office.

October 2015Participated in A+A International Exhibition 2015 in Dusseldorf Germany.

January 2016Exhibited in Lighting Japan 2016.

February 2016Exhibited in ICE Totally Gaming 2016. (London UK)

April 2016Started business alliance with The Bright Group(Australlia)

May 2016Exhibited in the G2E ASIA 2016(Global Gaming Expo.)   ※Collaboration with TBG(The Bright Group).

August 2016First exhibited in the AGE(Australasian Gaming Expo) 2016. ※Collaboration with TBG Group.

September 2016First exhibited in the Safety Action in Sydney 2016(Sydney, Australlia) . ※Collaboration with TBG group.

September 2016Exhibited in the Global Gaming Expo. (G2E)2016 (LasVegas) ※Collaboration with TBG.

November 2016First exhibited in Cycle Mode 2016. (Makuhari Messe)

January 2017Launced new series named 'SAIWA' out of Shineon Series, Light Deffusion as one of our private brands.

December 2017Exhibited in the ICE Totally Gaming 2017. (London UK) ※Collaboration with TBG.

May 2017Exhibited in the G2E ASIA 2017(Macauo, Venetian) ※Collaborated with TBG.

June 2017Permitted to entry Luxion ®, Special Micro Prizm Reflextion Sheet TL-17000,
               onto Government new technology information system called NETIS.
               「Registration Entry Number; KT-170022-A」

July 2017Started Shineon®, Reflection Sheet in supply for OEM to apply for automotive light equipment.

August 2017Exhibited in the Australasian Gaming Expo(AGE)2017. (Sydney Australlia)  ※Collaboration with TBG.

September 2017Held Great 25th. Anniversary

September 2017National Sales Division opened.

October 2017Exhibited in the global gaming Expo. (G2E)2017」(LasVegas)    ※Collaboration with TBG.

October 2017Exhibited in the A+A 2017(Dusseldorf Germany).

May 2018Exhibited in Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2018.

June 2018First exhibited in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018. (Guangzhou China)

June 2018First exhibited in Funeral Business Fair 2018.(Yokohama Japan)

July 2018Opened Tohoku branch office.

September 2018Floor extension at Osaka branch

October 2018Participation for the first time at SEECAT ’18 Exhibition (Special Equipment Exhibition & Conference for Anti-Terrorism)
               at Tokyo Big Sight

April 2019Mamoru Miyoshi assumed the position of chairman , and Susumu Miyoshi assumed the position of president.

Reflective material business

Reflective material business

Police supplies and Defense Technology by Drones and Security equipment

Police supplies and
Defense Technology by Drones and
Security equipment

Amusement and Sign media business

Amusement and
Sign media business

Consumer business

Consumer business